Chiappa Firearms is an Italian firearms manufacturer known for producing a wide range of firearms, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns. The company was founded in the 1950s by Ezechiele Chiappa and is headquartered in Brescia, Italy.

Chiappa is recognized for its innovative designs and unique firearms offerings. They cater to various shooting disciplines and market segments. Here are a few notable examples of Chiappa firearms:

1. Rhino Revolver: One of Chiappa’s most famous creations is the Rhino revolver. It features a distinctive design with the barrel aligned with the bottom chamber of the cylinder, resulting in reduced muzzle rise and recoil. The Rhino is available in different calibers and barrel lengths, making it popular among both sport shooters and concealed carry enthusiasts.

2. Little Badger: The Chiappa Little Badger is a compact and lightweight survival rifle. It is a single-shot, break-action firearm that can be easily disassembled for transportation or storage. The Little Badger is chambered in .22 LR, .22 WMR, or 9mm Flobert, making it suitable for small game hunting or plinking.

3. M1-9 Carbine: The M1-9 Carbine from Chiappa is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 9mm. It replicates the iconic M1 Carbine used by the United States military during World War II. The M1-9 Carbine is popular among collectors, historical firearms enthusiasts, and those looking for a versatile and fun rifle to shoot.

4. Double Badger: The Chiappa Double Badger is a combination gun that combines a rifle barrel with a shotgun barrel. It features a break-action design and is available in various caliber/gauge combinations. The Double Badger is often used for hunting small game and provides the versatility of having both a rifle and a shotgun in a single firearm.

5. Triple Threat: The Chiappa Triple Threat is a triple-barreled shotgun that offers a unique shooting experience. It features three barrels side by side and can fire three shots in quick succession. The shotgun is available in different gauges and is primarily used for sport shooting and self-defense.

These are just a few examples of the firearms produced by Chiappa. The company continues to innovate and expand its product line to cater to the needs of firearm enthusiasts and professionals. It’s worth noting that availability and specific models may vary based on your location and applicable firearms regulations.


The Chiappa Rhino is a unique revolver design manufactured by Chiappa Firearms, an Italian firearms company. It is known for its distinctive appearance and innovative features. Here are some key features and information about the Chiappa Rhino:

 Design: The Chiappa Rhino features a bottom cylinder barrel alignment, which sets it apart from traditional revolvers. The barrel aligns with the bottom chamber of the cylinder instead of the top, resulting in reduced muzzle rise and recoil.

Caliber Options: The Chiappa Rhino is available in various calibers, including .357 Magnum, 9mm, .40 S&W, and .44 Magnum. This versatility allows shooters to choose a caliber that suits their needs.

Barrel Length and Configuration: The revolver comes with different barrel lengths, typically ranging from 2 to 6 inches. The barrel can be either smoothbore or rifled, depending on the specific model and caliber.

 Ergonomics: The Rhino features an ergonomic grip design, which helps distribute recoil forces more evenly and reduces muzzle flip. The grip angle is also designed to enhance natural pointing and aim.

 Cylinder Capacity: The Rhino has a cylinder capacity that varies depending on the caliber. It typically holds 6 rounds, but some models may have a 5-round capacity.

 Sight Options: The revolver offers different sight options, including fixed sights or adjustable sights. Some models also have a Picatinny rail on top of the barrel, allowing for the attachment of optics or other accessories.

Availability: The Chiappa Rhino gained popularity for its unique design and performance, and it has been adopted by both civilian shooters and law enforcement agencies around the world.

It’s worth noting that since my knowledge cutoff is in September 2021, there may have been updates or new models released by Chiappa Firearms since then


To start with, I’d prefer to bring up how simple and fresh it is to threaten to use the firearm’s trigger. In contrast to different guns, this present wheel gun’s trigger is wide in size. Squeezing it isn’t a very remarkable battle and passes on sufficient space for your finger to circle in. Furthermore, the little red pointer alongside the mallet informs you as to whether you positioned your weapon or not. In case the pointer’s up, that implies it’s positioned. Notwithstanding, in case the pointer’s down, it implies the inverse. 


The 3-inch barrel form estimates 190 mm in length with a load of 770 grams. The solid casing is aluminum, while the chamber is treated steel. The outside finish is nickel-plated. The chamber holds six.357 Magnum-type cartridges and can be stacked; it is possible that each cartridge, in turn, utilizes the exceptional “speed loaders” accessible as an adornment. The sights comprise a front sight with fiber optic addition on an incline stuck to the edge (consequently fixed) and a movable backsight, additionally with fiber optic supplements. The grasps are dark manufactured elastic. 


The Chiappa Rhino Revolver has a lot of post-retail choices, in contrast to most different guns. Above all else are moon cuts. These clever little men essentially carry on like magazines, permitting clients to just drop in 6 adjusts and do super-quick reloads. Moon cuts resemble conventional speed loaders yet offer quicker and simpler execution. Moreover, these clasps hold the spent metal, making reloads and cleanups quicker than at any other time. 

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Chiappa Firearms manufactures a variety of pistols suitable for different purposes. Here are some notable examples of Chiappa pistols:

1. M9-22/M9-22 Target: The Chiappa M9-22 is a semi-automatic pistol chambered in .22 LR. It is a replica of the popular Beretta M9, featuring similar external dimensions and controls. The M9-22 is designed for recreational shooting and training purposes. The M9-22 Target variant offers enhanced sights and an extended barrel for improved accuracy.

2. MC27: The Chiappa MC27 is a striker-fired, polymer-framed pistol chambered in 9mm. It features a compact and ergonomic design suitable for concealed carry and personal defense. The MC27 offers various safety features, including a trigger safety, striker safety, and loaded chamber indicator.

3. Rhino Revolver: While primarily known for their revolvers, Chiappa’s Rhino series also includes some models chambered in semi-automatic pistol calibers, such as 9mm or .40 S&W. These pistols feature the same unique design as the Rhino revolvers, with the barrel aligned with the bottom chamber of the cylinder to reduce recoil and improve accuracy.

4. 1911-22/1911-380: Chiappa produces rimfire versions of the classic M1911 pistol, chambered in .22 LR or .380 ACP. These pistols closely resemble the traditional 1911 design and are popular for training purposes, plinking, and introducing new shooters to the platform.

5. Pak-9: The Chiappa Pak-9 is a pistol variant of the AK-pattern rifle. It is chambered in 9mm and features a blowback operation. The Pak-9 accepts standard Beretta 92 magazines and provides an alternative for those who enjoy the AK aesthetics but prefer a pistol format.

It’s important to note that availability and specific models may vary depending on your location and applicable firearms regulations. Always ensure compliance with local laws and regulations when considering the purchase or use of firearms.


If you’re looking for an innovative, developed revolver, look no further than the Chiappa Rhino. The Chiappa Rhino Revolver exceeds all expectations. Superior by performance, the Rhino shoots from the bottom of the cylinder rather than the top. Its design features a lower bore axis that aligns directly with the shooter’s hand, wrist, and arm which dramatically reduces muzzle rise and recoil. 


Looking for a fun but practical modeled rifle? The M1-9 line of semi-auto rifles offers this with a nostalgic look. The Chiappa M1-9 Wood 9MM/19” BBL is reliable, handy, and easy to shoot. Crafted with fixed military-style front sights and adjustable military-style rear sights, the receiver has a dovetail machined on top of the front and rear receiver rings.


Buy Chiappa Firearm’s trusted line of handguns, shotguns, revolvers, rifles, and more!Some of our popular and well known Chiappa gun models include; Chiappa 1873, Chiappa 1886, Chiappa 1887, Chiappa 1911-22, Chiappa CBR-9, Chiappa Little Badger, Chiappa M4-22, Chiappa Rhino, Chiappa Spencer and many more.

The Little Badger line from Chiappa offers a rifle that is the ultimate packable survival gun. The Chiappa Little Badger is designed to go anywhere at any time.

Chiappa Rhino 40ds


The Chiappa SAA 1873 series is one of the most accurate reproductions of the 1873 Single Action. When looking for a fine revolver, the Chiappa SAA 22-10 is a popular choice.

Chiappa Firearms has just what you need for a comfortable, standard pistol. The Chiappa 1911-22 is a lightweight replica of the classic 1911 .45 ACP.

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